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After a Heart Attack | Resources & Support |

Life after a heart attack

How you can help at home

Now that your family member or friend is back home, you can start to figure out what comes next.

Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Make healthy meals for the both of you. Visit for tips on healthy eating
  • Learn more about your family member or friend’s treatment after a heart attack. The more you understand, the more helpful you can be
  • Follow the doctor’s advice about lifestyle changes. Support your family member or friend in eating healthy foods, stopping smoking, and becoming more active. These healthy resources can help
  • Make follow-up appointments. You may need to help your family member or friend get to appointments, at least until he or she feels stronger
  • Set up a medicine routine. Come up with helpful ways your family member or friend can manage his or her medicines

There are also ways you can help your family member or friend over time.

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patient and caregiver adjusting to life after a heart attack