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Understanding Your Heart Attack

What was done for you in the hospital to treat your heart attack?

While you were in the hospital, your doctors and nurses were focused on getting blood to flow to your heart again. This was probably done in one (or more) of these ways:

Image of a heart stent

Stent placement

  • You may have had a procedure called an angioplasty
  • An angioplasty helps open a narrow or blocked artery
  • Sometimes a stent is placed to keep your artery open
Image of heart surgery instruments for heart attacks

Open heart surgery

  • You may have had a surgery called coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG)
  • CABG takes a healthy artery or vein from your body
  • The healthy artery goes around the blocked portion of the artery
  • This gives blood a new route to follow to your heart
Image of needle and medication pills to get blood flowing

Medicines to get blood flowing

  • Medicines may have been given to open blocked arteries to your heart
Image of smiling patient after being treated for heart attack