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Understanding Your Heart Attack

Here’s what may have caused your heart attack

Image shows plaque on the wall of an artery

Plaque begins to build up

Plaque can build up in your artery over time

Plaque results from fat, cholesterol, and other substances found in your blood.

Image shows plaque bursting off the wall of an artery

Platelets collect to repair the damage where the plaque burst

The surface of the plaque broke apart and your platelets reacted and formed a clot

Your platelets reacted as if you were injured and formed a blood clot.

Image shows platelets forming a blood clot

Blood cannot get past the clot to flow to the heart

For illustrative purposes only.

The clot got in the way of blood flow

The blood clot decreased or blocked the blood flow to your heart. This may have caused your heart attack.


See how your heart attack may have been treated in the hospital.

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